Dream Project

My dream project is to put together the elements to create an installation on Candombe (Afro-Uruguayan music.)  I want to be more of an ethnomusicological expression and less of a museum epitaph. I want to be able to place people in the story and inspire them to research the topic themselves.

My vision includes a data sets of the rhythmic patterns of the drums that are played, as well as the body movements. On the music end of things, this can be achieved by mapping all the rhythms to their own musical notations, as well as motion capturing the dancers that participate in Carnaval. There are different characters (dancers) that portray different personalities of Colonial culture.

My goal is for PDS is do motion capturing on the dancers and to turn them into avatars. This would hopefully be the beginnings of a data set of all body movements of dancers in Latin America.

My plan is to fly to Uruguay and motion capture the dancers during Carnaval, and when I come back, start designing avatars that can be put on the skeletons of the motion captures.