Prototypes/ Sketches for Rhythmic Pattern Machine

  1. This is a p5 sketch that I made last semester for Interactive Music. Each of the red dots are buttons that play each rhythm from the geographical location they’re placed in. The rhythms were all on the same BPM, so the idea was that you can play them at once and they would blend in with each other, but there were some difficulties on the technical side, and the mp3s would either start on different times or the program would eventually crash. My next mission is to break down Samba from Brasil, Cumbia from Colombia, and Candombe from Uruguay, into different tracks for each drum. The constraint would be that you can only play 3 drums simultaneously and the objective would be to make new drums sequences out of existing afro-latin patterns.

This is my first prototype for the interaction, made with construction paper. I think it falls short of intuitiveness. The triangles indicating the rhythm as well as the rhythmic patterns is a bit ambiguous. I think the shape, color, and sizing of the different components can help tremendously.

My second prototype for the interaction, also made with construction paper. My main focus is to make the interaction as clear as possible. I think it would also help to add a visual element to the drag and drop buttons indicating what the drums look like.

This is a sketch in Fusion 360, a 3d modeling program. The grey piece on the side has the dimensions of the wood I will be cutting to make the first machine. I’m testing to see what it might actually look or feel like before I cut the wood.

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