Treasure Trash – A song for kids

I wanted to write a playful children’s song, inspired by a Woody Guthrie vibe. I imagine Woody and Oscar the Grouch singing it together.



(Chorus) Treasure Trash, it’s everywhere. Treasure Trash, we all can share…


People throwing things on the street

We’re kicking gold with our feet

The things that we throw away

We all know they’re here to stay


Paper, Plastic, Wood, and Metal

Styrofoam.. and all these chemicals

If you’re wondering what to do with these things

Just throw it in the right bin


Don’t throw away what you just ate

In the same place you dumped the paint

treasure trash, we can use it again

but only if it’s in the right place

We can fix things that are broken, with treasure trash and some imagination

we can have a beautiful world with treasure trash.. you can build your own stash when you don’t spend money using treasure trash.


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