Piecing it Together Final- Guitar

For my piecing it together final I decided to build guitar # 2. This time I was adamant about designing the body in Fusion 360, and not having to pipe the design into Vector Works. I feel like I have more control over the intricacies of the design in Fusion.  I also designed the pickguard in Fusion 360, alongside the guitar body, so I don’t have to deal with the crazy geometry and measurements of it separately. I cut a prototype of the pickguard first, on the 75 watt laser cutter. The file was a DXF file exported into illustrator. The wood is basswood, although the intended material is acrylic.  It came out really good, actually. The drawing on the pickguard is a work by Elizabeth White. But after the body was cut, I realized the measurements were off. The pickup holes were also too big. I’m still working on making the measurements right.



Fusion 360 Sketch.




Elizabeth White’s Drawing.



Again, I had trouble in the CAM in Fusion 360, so I exported the DXF file from Fusion to Illustrator. Then I ran the Illustrator file into the CAD. I also had some trouble with the CAD. The first cut on foam only cut the pockets.

So back to the CAD.. to get all my pockets and contours right.

Then to the CNC…

Although the back edge of the guitar got cut off, I’m happy with my foam prototype.




Here, you can see that the pickguard doesn’t fit into the bevels I made for it on the body so that it would be flush with the surface of the body.




Here is the wood body right after it got cut. The edges are harsh, but it looks right.


Guitar body after sanding. I sanded it down with a 150 grit first, to round out the edges. Then I went to 600 grit to smooth the wood out.

The pickguard will be a double sided mirror made out of acrylic, but for now it’s cardboard.

And the body will be wood, not foam.

But this is what it will look like when it’s done.












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